Game Design Year End Project 2013 - 2014


Left 2 Die - by Janson Van Shaar and Wesley Folsom

In the year of 2022 an apocalyptic disease breaks loose from and outbreak of rabies carried in chickens. The disease doesn’t take action on the body until someone already has died and eaten am infected chicken recently. The only known immunity to the disease is temporarily infecting yourself with some other deadly disease, causing them to not sense your presence. This makes you immune temporarily to have a greater advantage on killing them, the Infected. You will have to make it through a series of so called safe houses spread apart throughout Los Angeles, to make it to the pickup of the US army, or at least what is left of it. Along the way you will be able to collect an arrangement of different weapons, ammo, bombs, and even medicines, or anything else you might need to survive. So far you are the only known survivors left, in the great city of Los Angeles. Good luck!

How to Win:

  • To win each level, find the safe house door.
  • All zombies must be destroyed in order to prove your worthiness for the survivors to let you into their safe house.
  • The game is won when you defeat the zombie boss that is the source of the outbreak in the city.


  • "Arrow Keys" to move the avatar (Note: the up/down keys may be disabled depending on the level's 2D/3D perspective).
  • "Spacebar" to jump.
  • "Ctrl" to fire a weapon if one has been picked up.
  • "D" to drop a weapon so another can be picked up later.
  • If for whatever resons you need to restart the level, press"R".
  • Camera: There has been camera controls implemented into the game for those of you who want to examine the level before running into the thick of things.
  • "C" activates/deactivates the manual control of the camera so that it will follow the player or your own commands.
  • Once manual control has been activated, "W" =Up, "D" =Right, "S" =Down, and "A" =Left.

Game Play:


Loses health when collides with enemies, or dies when colliding with certain hazards. Can pick up items.

Pick up items: Can be found lying around the world or occasionally dropped by a defeated enemy Health Pack - Restores all of your health upon contact.

  • Food - Restores partial health upon contact.
  • Gold - A fun collectible for those of you who don't realize the end of the world is upon you.
  • Ammo - You always carry ammo around for whatever weapons you may acquire. The ammo is universal, meaning it works for any weapon you are carrying. However, it is limited and must be replenished by picking up refill cartridges or single bullets.
  • Weapons: Can be picked up only one at a time (must be dropped before another can be picked up)
  • Gun - The basic projectile weapon. Does minimal damage to enemies.
  • Tomahawk - A rare but powerful tool that really whops the enemies when chucked at them.


Basic Zombie - Walks back and forth mindlessly with no noticing of the player.


  • Dynamite - Explodes on contact with any enemy or the player and they die instantly.
  • Death Spikes - Instant death to the unfortunate traveler who falls upon these.


Points are awarded for any pick up items that are collected and enemies defeated. Mini Games: The occasional minigame may appear where points may be accumulated for the fun of it. The world comes to a halt and zombies stop chasing as you enjoy yourself. Flappy Zergling: A parody off the hit game "Flappy Bird" but with a twist where you must control a zergling swarm and fly them through a cavern.

More to come in future releases...

click here to play Left 2 Die

A Pirates' Life - by Adam Jones and Dakota Kittleson

Welcome to the pirates life mate! You are playing as Dark McScruff a mighty pirate of the high sea! You are a free man who owns a ship and has hired a pirate crew. You only goal is to raid the East Indiana Trading Company (EITC). However the EITC has sent a large force to defeat you. Your goal is to defeat there ships and the 2 boss ships that have been sent to send you to Davy Jones’s Locker. Best of luck and keep on pirating!


You are a pirate, destroying ships in the west indies to become a rich, proserous pirate.

to guide yer ship: W,A,S,D

To fire ye cannons: Arrow Keys

To use your boost that completely and in no way defies the laws of physics: Shift

click here to play A Pirates' Life

Oil, Inc. - by Garrett Dipalma

The player will run an oil company in the present. Oil is rare now-a-days, the score on which the player will be given is how long your company last, how much money you’ve made, and how much oil is left over you have. Set up pumps and rigs to get oil. Create routes, shorter routes use less oil, saving you oil and increasing money. Keep up with the random demand with the gas station. Sell your oil to other companies. Chances of them buying oil increase the lower the price you have or vice versa. Events that will hurt your company or save your company, each random choices will affect in a compromising way. Using abilities to see how much oil are in the window area, attack other companies for more money but for a subtracted trade partner. Customize everything, from the color of the pumps, the amount of oil pumped, the name of your company. Survive the new economy, how long will your business go on and how well will you be off.

In this game aliens come at you and you shoot them and try to get a high score. Care Packages will spawn when they are needed (Health, ammo) and sometimes if you get overrun by aliens, a Nuke care package will spawn.


Up - Arrow Up
Down- Arrow Down
Left- Arrow Left
Down- Arrow Down
Shoot- Space

click here to play Oil, Inc.

Predators Attack - Kyle Schick and Jack Mullen

In this game aliens come at you and you shoot them and try to get a high score. Care Packages will spawn when they are needed (Health, ammo) and sometimes if you get overrun by aliens, a Nuke care package will spawn.

Up – Arrow Up
Down- Arrow Down
Left- Arrow Left
Down- Arrow Down
Shoot- Space

click here to play Predators Attack

Dungeon - A Game of Exploration - by Zain Herbert

The Game will consist of a multi-roomed dungeon that is viewed from a top down perspective by the player. The player will control one of two characters when exploring the dungeon. They will be able to choose this character before they start. The core mechanics of the game will consist around solving puzzles and avoiding hazards. Health and weapon upgrades will be available for finding within the dungeon.


Move with Arrows. W,A,S, and D use stick with S key, defined with the D key..have fun

click here to play Dungeon

Super Mario Fantacy - Ian Andrews

Warning: This is a long download.

A 2-D side scrolling action game featuring Final Fantasy 7 hero Cloud Strife fighting through the first level of the original Super Mario Bros.


A:Move Left
D:Move Right
Right Key:Down Slash Right
Up key:Up Slash Right
Left:Down Slash Left
Down Key:Up Slash Left

click here to play Super Mario Fantacy

Animation Year End Project - 2013 - 2014!!

click here to watch Kent Braiden's video
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click here to watch Cristian Lopez's video
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